About Us

We’ve been making bags since 1993 and there’s a lot to be said for longevity because you get to see a lot of things come and go.

We’ve always innovated and as new technologies arrive. We have the design, manufacturing and distribution skills to capitalise on this.

We are always happy to give advice on the fabrics and print methods to create the bag you need for a promotional campaign.

We will explain to you in detail the “Green” data your customer may want.
We’ll create mockups and send you samples, free of charge.
We’ll offer the best Trade prices we can – from properly certified factories.
All our prices are inclusive of setup, samples flown direct to you, delivery to UK by most economical route, import duty and anything else. There’s no hidden extras in our pricing.

Finally, we’re reliable. If there’s a deadline we will meet it, and if we can’t we won’t take the business.

We Are Bag Specialists

There’s not much we don’t know about bags and in our time we have supplied literally millions of custom made bags to thousands of customers.

The wealth of knowledge we’ve earned from specialising in bags is immense and just about every one of our customers will stand testament  to that.

Corporate Responsibility

Our business is built for the longer term and this is reflected in our polices which we have followed from the very start:

Ethical Sourcing Policy

Environmental Policy

Carbon Offset

Bespoke Bags